If someone in 1990 tried to combine the YellowPages, physical maps, flyers, satellite imaging, and street-level pictures of almost all establishments in Canada, you would have called them crazy and gone back to folding your billboard-sized road map. Google has found themselves offering all of these services, and even more in their ultra-simple and widely adopted platform.

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Remember these?

Google has built an incredible platform, and has optimized it so much that it reads your mind when you’re looking for a barber in your area, or a restaurant serving Ethiopian food within walking distance from your office. Most business owners don’t realize that this listing isn’t just automatically picked up by Google when you start offering your services, this is something you need to actively register for, and take key steps to ensure your listing is accurate and reflective of your brand.

99% coverage of the world, 25 million updates daily and 1 billion monthly active users.

-Google Maps Platform

Luckily, Google has made registering your business completely FREE, with a ton of options to control how users interact with your profile. This isn’t just a Google Maps blurb, this is a complete profile that can potentially work as a lead generation tool, a promotional flyer, and even a booking tool if configured correctly.

All it takes is following the link provided here. If you need any support during setup or configuration, feel free to contact us.


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